September 30, 2013

A Short History of…

We have a collection of miniature books that provide short (in both the literal and figurative sense) biographies of various 19th century and turn of the century figures, mostly confederate generals. They came in packs of tobacco much like baseball cards. We have about 20 or so in our collection. They are very delicate and fall apart rather easily. 

Here is one book called “A Short History of N.P. Banks.” Banks was a Union general (so not completely biased) and a politician. We thought we would show you the difference between our smallest book and our largest (a collection of nature drawings).


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    Credit goes to our student worker Emma Cooper who takes such wonderful pictures.
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    now this is very cool….ephemera in the day, but valuable artefact now.
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    Your photo for scale on the top right is fantastic!